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A recognisable face in a blizzard of technologies.

Combating the threat of cyber attacks costs companies millions but most technologies clog up systems and inhibit collaboration. Idecsi harnesses the collective power of the individual to prevent attacks and reduce the strain on beleaguered CISOs.


Major companies such as L’Oreal, Vivendi and SFR rely on Idecsi’s technology to protect their principal applications from cyber attacks. Idecsi was founded in Paris in 2011 by Daniel Rezlan and Daniel Benabou who were also instrumental in creating Vente-Privée. They set up Idecsi to deliver the specialised service of CEO email privacy. But five years later they had taken the business beyond its original ambition and recognised that the company’s brand needed to catch up. The founders wanted to reposition to access mainstream enterprise security, a global market worth $100 Bn with a huge up-side. They wanted a new positioning to broaden their potential without undermining existing sales, make their new platforms obvious, pit Idecsi against established security giants and communicate their openness and the ease of their user experience.


With our Paris partner, Jean-Baptiste Danet, we embarked on an intensive learning curve to understand where cyber-security is heading. This involved advice from Gartner and a rapid absorption of customer insight and language, as well as where the major players and technologies are positioned. We worked with Daniel and Daniel in brainstormings and met with Idecsi’s clients to identify avenues that could offer potential. Our solution is now helping Idecsi position on a platform of human-inspired technology. Idecsi harnesses the power of individuals in a company to defend against cyber attack. Their break-through technology and the idea behind the new positioning enables users to act as their own personal security information event manager, in effect, creating a ‘personal SIEM’ for everyone. To communicate this, we wrote a series of testimonials featuring CISOs and users who are Idecsi’s customers. We redesigned the company’s website and identity.

The new Idecsi website -


The new positioning has enabled Idecsi to be seen as a major strategic rather than minor specialist player with a clearly identified role and added value. The company has successfully broadened its range of solutions to include an on-demand audit solution, real-time protection and personal security assistant.

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