Devoteam brand strategy

Refreshing Devoteam’s brand as part of a new strategic plan.

Devoteam is a leading European consulting firm focused on digital strategy, tech platforms and cybersecurity. It is one of Europe’s largest IT system integration businesses.


The company recently took itself private with the backing of KKR and intends to grow further through Cloud transformation consultancy for mid-to-large size European corporates. Along with our partner in Paris, Jean-Baptiste Danet, we were brought in to help Devoteam transition to a new message that taps into the creative properties of technology, positioning the group at the leading edge of this new wave of transformation that many regard as being ‘infinite’.

Devoteam is a diverse group that has made many acquisitions. Often, new companies continue to use their own brands meaning that the Devoteam master brand lacks critical mass. One of the challenges of this new strategic plan was to bring together a large, entrepreneurially-minded group of autonomous companies from all over Europe and the Middle East to share in a common new positioning.


We developed a new leading idea as the focus for Devoteam’s transition – Creative Tech for Better Change, which encompasses the ambitions of the entire group and places creativity at the heart of its business.

We helped Devoteam to tighten its brand architecture to organise a recent string of acquisitions, simplifying its shop window and driving value and equity back to the parent brand. We evolved the company’s identity to visually represent its new direction and to boost the sense of critical mass. Lighter, faster, stronger.

We even developed an advertising campaign to support them with urgent recruitment needs. It resulted in them finding and hiring their target of c. 40 new starters quickly.



This was a fast-paced project working with a multi-agency network of partners from within Devoteam and outside. We helped to lead an iterative and collaborative process in partnership with the Devoteam internal team, and worked in an agile way to refine and crystallise the expression of their new strategy. We explored creative avenues to define an identity that was authentic – but that pushed boundaries for the future.

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