The Rank Group Plc annual report and brand

To excite and to entertain

Rank Group plc has been entertaining customers since 1937, from its origins in motion pictures to today’s gaming-based entertainment brands in the UK and Spain.

The Challenge

In 2020, during the COVID pandemic, Rank’s operations were understandably closed. We wanted to develop a three-year plan that would help stakeholders understand Rank were resilient and ready to come back strong when the doors reopened.

Our Approach

In the first year, we needed to remind stakeholders of Rank’s strong fundamentals: their financial position, digital proposition, experienced governance and leadership, and sustainable practices. This was to help keep investor confidence at a time when there was a lot of uncertainty.

In the second year, with COVID moving into the background, we made Rank’s purpose more concise and impactful, “to excite and to entertain”. We used this purpose to inform a new visual identity, introducing more vibrant colours, graphic devices, and imagery that shows people enjoying their experience. We also refined the iconic “gongman” logo.

In the third year, with the doors of Rank’s bricks and mortar operations open again, we amplified the messaging and identity created in year two of the plan. Remaining consistent with the excite and entertain message, we used bolder imagery, an enhanced the use of the vibrant brand colours, and braver use of the brand supergraphic to tell their story.

The Result

Rank is now firmly positioned as an entertainment brand, supported by messages that engage all their stakeholders.

Our CEO said the annual report was the best one he had seen during his time at Rank, and when asked about the agency, his response was “they have been really great!

Sarah Powell, Director of Investor Relations, Treasury and Corporate Communications, The Rank Group Plc

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