Workspace Group PLC: Annual report

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Workspace is a FTSE 250 Real Estate Investment Trust which owns 68 properties across 3.6m sq ft in dynamic London locations, providing inspiring, flexible work spaces to some 4,000 exciting companies.

The Challenge

Workspace PLC is a FTSE 250 Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with a big difference – they own all their buildings, which means their tenants can customise and personalise their space to a far greater degree than they can with other space providers.

The core belief is that ‘businesses can achieve more in the right space’. By delivering this to tenants, Workspace can deliver against their stated purpose – ‘To give businesses the freedom to grow’.

Our Approach

The purpose is present through a super-connected story which shows how everything at Workspace is done – key leadership decisions made in the Boardroom drive the customer offer and ultimately the performance throughout the year; the story also shows how the culture of the organisation is managed to allow Workspace people to think like a customer – if you think like a customer, it’s likely you will have better interactions and outcomes.

‘Thinking like a customer’ replaces a jargon-centric corporate language with a tone of voice more aligned to the way they talk to customers, making it more engaging for people inside and outside the business.

Workspace’s purpose, values and culture are driven by customer growth and success. A purpose which is woven throughout the business is supported by four values which underpin Workspace’s approach to help support their customers achieve more.

A three pillared strategy is held to account through a robust Governance Report. Restructured around the Corporate Governance Code 2018, the five pillars of the Code form the section. Board and Committee activities from the year are all disclosed, considering each key stakeholder group, and demonstrating a consistent desire to evolve and enhance their delivery.

Sustainability is a major factor for prospective customers in the real estate market. Workspace prioritise this through one of their three strategic pillars, supported by a plethora of case studies highlighting how old and new buildings are being enhanced to ensure they hold a truly climate resilient portfolio.

Storyboarding the entire Annual Report with the client allowed us to go further. Carefully curated calls to action were created – moving beyond the standard of using page references, we added clear narrative to each and where relevant we used simple QR code technology to link to related content. For example, rather than telling the reader about how Workspace attracts customers, we allowed them to see and hear the advertising campaign.

Optimised for screen first/single page reading (including adjusted point size, content allocation, navigation, and interactive CTAs), the structure of the Annual Report is a transparent, authentic, and highly accessible document. A seamless journey for all, in print and digital.

The Workspace Annual Report is connected to other comms across the suite, with each document supporting the next.

The Result

Most Annual Reports contain siloed content that ask the reader to join the dots of the story. The 2023 Workspace Annual Report tackles this issue head-on. Information throughout the Report is easy to locate with the help of carefully curated signposting and call to actions. By preventing information from being scattered or difficult to locate, a clear and connected Report which is easy to understand is created, resulting in a differentiated, accessible, and customer-focussed document.


  • GOLD – ‘Best Annual report – IR society 2023/24
  • GOLD – ‘Best Annual report – Chartered Governance Awards 2023
  • GOLD – Best Annual report – Corporate Reporting Awards 2023
  • BRONZE – ‘Best Online report – Digital Impact Awards 2023
  • BRONZE – ‘Best Online report – Corporate and Financials 2023/24
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – ‘Best Online report – IR Magazine 2023
  • Shortlisted, ‘Best Audit report – Chartered Governance Awards 2023

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