EXi brand and healthcare app

Fighting the worlds health crisis one step at a time.

EXi is an app created by elite sports physiotherapists, targeted primarily at people with chronic conditions. Using algorithms to analyse users' health, resting heart rate, disease status and current fitness level, it prescribes graduated and personalised 12-week physical activity programmes, integrated with Apple Watch.


The rise of sedentary lifestyles and more and more people relying on medication to manage chronic conditions, the current provision of healthcare is not sustainable anymore.

We needed to create an emotionally engaging brand that would achieve cut through globally – targeted primarily on those with chronic conditions, but with broad enough appeal that it would be scalable – attractive to the wider public of all ages and fitness levels, but also corporate audiences. Involving people in their own healthcare and empowering them with technology to take responsibility for their own health.

The goal? To be the go-to fitness app for those managing their own health and for health providers to prescribe exercise.

The challenge was about getting the balance right – we did not want to position the app as a fitness app. Nor did we want to make the branding overly scientific. The app needs to appeal to anyone from their early 20s to their 80s. There were also challenges in the pace of the project – which needed to be done in weeks.


EXi is an immediately engaging, approachable, brand which instills trust. It has achieved a strong, user-friendly presence, attractive to an extremely diverse audience and implements clear, concise messaging and design across multiple digital platforms.

The apps ease-of-use is communicated with clarity to both its customer target market and wider stakeholders and received with great enthusiasm. The brand was successfully developed over a very short period of time and delivered within tight deadlines.

Due to the successful brand positioning and subsequently the improved relevance, partnership contracts were secured and reach increased.

The brand transformation results reside in the accessibility and engagement, with downloads exceeding all expectations. The success of the brand positioning opened the app up to new markets – taking EXi wider than the UK.

It made it available for corporate wellness, and attracted members of the public who weren’t suffering from the chronic illnesses (which the app was originally designed for) but also those that wanted to improve their general health to be as strong and fit as possible.

“Working with Gather has been transformational for EXi. They provided a clear identity for us, helped establish a strong purpose and then bought the whole thing to life with some incredible visuals and ideas that we will be able to utilise for many years to come.”

“By softening our image and creating a direction, it has helped us to widen our reach and approach new markets – our new look was received incredibly well and is worlds apart from where we started from.”

Carron Manning, Co-founder and CEO, EXi

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