Assura plc annual report

Delivering for the long term in healthcare

Assura are a specialist healthcare real estate investment trust. They have over 570 GP surgery, primary care, diagnostic and treatment centre buildings around the country, which serve millions of patients and make space for other community services too. Assura aim to be the UK’s number one listed property business for long-term social impact.


Assura needed to develop a report that reflected the long-term strengths and competitive features of the business while integrating their new social impact strategy. They wanted to refresh the structure and reinforce the importance of their Assura’s purpose; to create outstanding spaces for health services in our communities, as well as their investment proposition, business model and performance.


Assura explained their investment story in a concise and clear way by simplifying their messaging. Spreads focussed on their full-service offering, collaborative partnerships, greener buildings and innovation, which allow them the financial strength to offer long-term, meaningful solutions.

Assura launched their new social impact strategy by outlining how six pledges will improve the healthcare delivery of six million people. The use of chevrons throughout the design and layout helped to convey Assura’s continuous momentum and further supported the company’s ambition and performance.

The strategy clearly sets out progress against priorities. KPIs are linked, and for the first time, social impact KPIs are also included. The business model is narrative based, focusing on explaining how the business operates and drawing out key differentiators. The ’Our impact’ section is more detailed than last year, providing much richer content relating to the impact the business has on its stakeholders. It also reports back on achievements during the year.


Assura’s Purpose and impact, the consistent ‘golden threads’ which tie the narrative together develop trust and authenticity. This is further supported by how Assura address Covid-19, not only in the Chairman and CEO statements but also as a separate stand-alone section. This demonstrates how the crisis has bought into sharp focus the very best of the business, its purpose and its people.


“The whole team at Gather really cared about bringing our story to life – listening to our perspective and then generating powerful visual representation”

David Purcell
Head of Financial Reporting

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