Spire Healthcare Group plc annual report

Delivering business resilience despite a tough year managing the Covid crisis.

Spire Healthcare is the largest private hospital group in the UK, in terms of revenue, providing diagnostics, in-patient, day case and outpatient care across England, Scotland and Wales.  


Spire Healthcare is the largest private hospital group by turnover in the United Kingdom. Working in close partnership with NHS trusts, and almost 7,500 experienced Consultants, their hospitals delivered tailored, personalised care to almost 750,000 insured, self-pay and NHS patients across England, Wales and Scotland. Spire played an important part in helping the UK cope with the pandemic and lockdown working in partnership with the NHS.

The annual report had to demonstrate that, despite the operational challenges caused by Covid, the business fundamentals, business case and the opportunity for growth remain strong.

In addition, it was important for the leadership to reassure and emphatically thank their colleagues. The report had to recognise the outstanding service Spire provided at all times and demonstrate how their values and standards were delivered. It was important to acknowledge the difficulties, and at times hardships, that they and their patients faced during the crisis.


To ensure messaging and tone were appropriate, we interviewed senior leadership, colleagues and other stakeholders and staff to identify the key stories and messages for the year.

In response to these depth interviews we concluded that impact and single-minded headline messaging was important at the start of the report. We developed a special section introduced by the Chief Executive explaining the importance of One Spire:

“Our people, delivering quality care through a pandemic. In a year that has tested all healthcare providers, our core Purpose has never been more relevant. Our people and organisation have demonstrated that we have been able to make a positive difference to our patients’ lives through outstanding personalised care.”

This statement was supported by 10 key messages using photography to capture real-life images of colleagues and partners in action going about their duties and supporting patients in unusual and extraordinary circumstances. It showcased Spire’s commitment to their Purpose in spite of the additional pressure from the pandemic.

The content was enhanced throughout the report to ensure compliance and best practice.

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