Being a super hero in times of change.

Tony Allen

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Currently, most companies are in survival mode, shoring up their balance sheets and managing costs. Who did the right thing during the survival phase will become important as society assesses, and makes choices about, how our economies move forward in a changed world.

Our latest thinking looks into business behaviours during the pandemic and what we can learn from some of the best.

The pandemic is changing our behaviour and attitudes and will provide an impetus for change in organisations given the extraordinary impact it has had on the world in a very short time.

Hans-Christoph Hirt, head of stewardship and engagement at Federated Hermes with $575billion under management said in The Times recently:

“All businesses need to have, and maintain, a social license to operate underpinned by a corporate purpose centred on being sustainable and creating long-term value for its stakeholders, including shareholders”.

So how are businesses reacting to the pressure?

Here we explore what action business leaders have been taking, where that might lead in the future and tips to ensure your organisation is in the best possible position post Covid-19.

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Tony Allen

Being a super hero in times of change.

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