Gather Around – Issue 38 – December 2022

10 December 2022

The regulatory landscape is complex and evolving. Every month we bring you the latest developments in regulation and ‘best practice’ in corporate governance and reporting.
This month we report on the FRC’s annual review of corporate governance reporting and its recommendations on a range of subjects including code compliance disclosures, purpose and culture and stakeholder engagement.


We also look at what Glass Lewis, the IA and ISS will be focussing on this year, as well as reviewing the EU’s first set of draft sustainability reporting standards. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be discussing the FRC’s increased focus on audit committees and audit firms.

Richard Orr continues our Everything is Connected series by discussing and exploring the role of the corporate website, and asks the question, is the website dead?

And finally we bring you the usual “in case you missed it” news, as well as some exciting news from Gather London.

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