Gather Around – Issue 42 – April 2023

10 April 2023

The regulatory landscape is complex and evolving. Every month we bring you the latest developments in regulation and ‘best practice’ in corporate governance and reporting.

In this month’s issue, we’ve taken a look at FTSE 350 reports that have adopted the new Diversity Listing Rule on a voluntary basis. Your company will be making these disclosures on a mandatory basis for the first time soon, so we share insights, guidance, and reporting examples for you to consider now.   

We outline investors’ priorities for 2023: climate change, diversity, audit quality, and stakeholder engagement. We share recommendations on how to update your reporting this year to meet investors’ expectations.  

We summarise the Parker Review’s key findings and new ethnicity targets. They extend beyond the boardroom, pushing for companies to describe in their annual reports the plans they’re putting in place to help create diverse talent pipelines in senior roles.  

Something new happens in the sustainability reporting landscape every week, so we’ve added a dedicated section outlining the key developments this month alongside a roundup of regulatory news.

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