Gather Around: Workiva – there’s more to it than just numbers…

1 July 2024

Why is everyone getting so excited about Workiva?

Workiva is increasingly becoming the platform of choice for so many businesses who want to automate and streamline their financial reporting, making it an easier and more efficient process whilst reducing the risk of human error. But why is everyone getting so excited about it?

We will be exploring the impact of Workiva, the benefits it is delivering for corporate reporting as well as broader stakeholder communications from digital to ESG reporting.

We are delighted to bring together clients who have made the switch and those who are considering Workiva. We will look at how it can support communications, your sustainability reporting and can also be a foundational part of preparing for a life as a public company if you are planning to IPO.

We are delighted that Jessica Milligan (Accounting Policy and Reporting Strategy Director) from FTSE100 private equity investment firm Intermediate Capital Group is joining us to talk about how they are using Workiva.

We also welcome Sabine Holt (Senior Solution Consultant) from Workiva who will be sharing their latest thinking and insights into how they have empowered their clients to revolutionize their reporting functions, signalling a new era in financial data management.

We look forward to a really stimulating conversation and very much hope you can join us to be part of it.

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