ICAEW Conference: Reporting in turbulent times – how to build trust

14 September 2021

On Monday 11th October 2021, we join the ICAEW Conference to discuss reporting, connected communications, authenticity, trust and why there’s tension in reporting.

How do you move your annual report away from just being a collection of discrete, regulatory information towards a powerful, decision-useful piece of corporate communication?

Mei Ashelford, our Director of reporting intelligence, and Robbie Cruikshanks, our Reporting research associate, will be speaking at the ICAEW Financial Reporting, Audit, and Assurance Conference on Monday 11thOctober to share their insights on how to weave together corporate storytelling, regulatory requirements and best practice to craft annual reports that help companies build trust with their key stakeholders. Ahead of the conference, here’s a brief introduction into what we’ll be discussing.

It all starts with trust

No matter how well told a corporate story is, it isn’t worth much if its readers don’t trust what they read. With growing fears of greenwashing and increasing scrutiny on corporate actions, what do companies need to say to convince audiences of their authenticity?

  • Trust isn’t earned through massaging figures and careful omission. Reports should be honest in areas where more needs to be done, and on the steps required to get there.
  • Commitments and targets. By setting clear commitments, measured against targets, companies can effectively invite their stakeholders to hold them to account.
  • Evidence and proof points.Lastly, reports must contain the evidence that backs up the claims of commitment. Case studies and ‘in action’ stories can bring this content to life and enhance the narrative of the report.

Trustworthy content is the cornerstone of an effective report. The stronger the evidence, and the more consistency overtime, the more persuasive the corporate story.

Attend the virtual event

For more on building trust through effective corporate reporting, including practical tips and examples from some of the best reporters, attend our session at 11.30am on 11 October 2021.

Tickets for the Financial Reporting, Audit, and Assurance Conference are available to both members and non-members of the ICAEW here.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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