SEGRO annual report

Enabling extraordinary things

SEGRO is a UK Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), who own, manage and develop big box and urban warehouses across the UK and Europe, with a specific focus on supply-constrained urban markets.

The Challenge

FTSE 100 SEGRO owns, manages and develops big box and urban warehouses across Europe and the UK, with a specific focus on supply-constrained urban markets.  

The Annual Report needed to bring to life SEGRO’s striking purpose: ‘We create the space that enables extraordinary things to happen’.

Our Approach

The Annual Report was restructured to help tell a more comprehensive story, showcasing how SEGRO use their purpose to enable clients to deliver extraordinary things, supports exceptional governance and ultimately drives performance.

Five hero case studies were created to show how everything comes together. Each one highlights how the purpose has helped guide SEGRO’s thinking and belief in positive outcomes.

Specific case studies and leadership statements were further enhanced by the use of film. Each film adding depth and insight to the story in the Annual Report.

A clearly articulated investment proposition outlined the unique attributes of SEGRO’s business and provided links to further detail across the rest of the report.

The governance section of the report included a series of pull-outs, reinforcing the golden thread of ‘Enabling extraordinary things’, and also demonstrated how the Board plays a crucial role in monitoring of culture and values.

The Result

SEGRO’s Annual Report has helped underline what makes the business different. The focus is on how they do what they do, as well as what they do. The report, delivered in print and online has also been shortlisted for many industry awards including the IR Society Awards, Chartered Governance Awards and Corporate and Financial Awards.

“We began working with Gather last year for our corporate reporting suite. They quickly got under the skin of our business and had a good grasp of our challenges, producing an annual report that aligned well with our brand guidelines and that we could all be proud of. Gather’s expertise and commitment to excellence have made them an invaluable asset to our team. Now, as we collaborate once again on our second reporting suite together, I am confident in Gather’s ability to continue their outstanding contribution.”

Nick Hughes, Director of Marketing & Communications, SEGRO

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